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Las Vegas Casino Marker Attorney

Las Vegas is a city unlike any other. It shouldn’t be surprising then, that Nevada has had to come up with a few laws that are virtually unheard of in other states. Among these laws is NRS 205.130. This is the Nevada code that deals with gambling debt, otherwise known as casino markers. Whether you…

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Casino Markers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Casino Marker Lawyer: Casino markers are known as bad checks in the state of Nevada.  We have case law as well as statutory law which protects the main industry in the state of Nevada – the casinos.  Resort industry is lobbying in the state of Nevada to interpret what were known as casino…

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Writing a Bad Check in Las Vegas

Writing a Bad Check Writing a check when you don’t have the funds in your account to cover it is a criminal offense in Nevada. You can face serious charges if you don’t resolve the issue in a timely manner. Whether you actually intended to defraud anyone when you wrote the check is irrelevant to…

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Casino Marker Charges in Las Vegas

Overview of Casino Markers A marker is a short-term, interest free loan that casinos extend to patrons. This service removes the barriers to gambling. Many people like to use markers because they don’t have to carry large sums of cash. You can’t purchase chips with a credit card. Casinos won’t cash a check over a…

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