Symptoms of an Impaired Driver That Las Vegas Police Look For

The average person probably isn’t aware of what the police look for when they pull someone over on suspicion of DUI in Las Vegas. However, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has identified 20 so-called “symptoms” of impaired driving. Police across Nevada are trained to be on the lookout for these clues, which often lead to a DUI arrest under NRS 484C.

Some of the symptoms that the police look for are using an extra-wide radius to make a turn, straddling the painted lines in lanes, having a near-miss with other vehicles or objects and weaving. Still other impaired drivers may be caught driving outside of the designated roadway, traveling at excessively slow speeds, using erratic braking or following other cars too closely. Drunks drivers similarly have been pulled over for stopping inappropriately in the midst of traffic and making abrupt or illegal turns.

Any of these behaviors may be a sign that the driver is under the influence. While this provides an officer with the pretext they need to pull over the driver, they will have to gather further evidence in order to prove their case. After all, some of the driving behaviors listed above may happen for numerous reasons such as being unfamiliar with the road or area or distracted driving. There’s no crime in driving to areas that are not known to you, and while distracted driving is against the law, it does not carry the same harsh penalties that a DUI does.

If you have been charged under one of the sections of NRS 484C, then you need a skilled Las Vegas DUI attorney to review your case. The practitioners at Potter Criminal Defense are prepared to help you.

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