Stalking Charges in Las Vegas

Stalking as a Misdemeanor 

Every year, many innocent people are forced to engage the services of a Nevada criminal defense attorney because they have been charged with stalking under NRS 200.575. While legitimate stalking is serious, accusations of stalking seem to arise most often when emotions are running high or when false accusations are made.

As defined by NRS 200.575, stalking is “willfully or maliciously” causing someone to feel intimidated, harassed or frightened. Under Nevada law, someone could be charged with stalking for contacting another individual too frequently or for following them on the street.

It’s often difficult for the alleged stalking victim to actually substantiate their claim. At the same time, defendants accused of stalking should keep in mind that there are many possible outcomes to such a case. The charges could be pleaded down to a lesser crime or may be dismissed entirely. 

Potential penalties for a first stalking conviction include up to six months in jail and the payment of a $1,000 fine. Typically, a first time stalking charge is considered a misdemeanor in Nevada. The judge looks at the defendant’s criminal history and the alleged stalking behavior to reach a verdict.

Don’t leave the outcome of a Las Vegas stalking charge to chance. Contact a criminal defense attorney today