Stale Casino Markers


casino markerMost Nevadans know what a casino marker is. For those of you not in the know, a marker is like an IOU to a casino. A gambler writes the marker and gives it to the casino. The marker sometimes takes the form of a check that may be deposited at a later date. Occasionally, the casino waits an excessive amount of time, such as greater than six months, before depositing the marker. This may cause the check to bounce, and this can draw the attention of the Bad Check Unit of the Clark County District Attorney’s office.

NRS 205.130 and NRS 205.132 define a marker as a check for legal purposes. Under NRS 104.4404, banks are not obligated to honor a check that was written more than six months previously. This means that the marker may be refused by your bank. This sounds like bad news because the casino could come after you to collect on the marker.

They may attempt that, but a Nevada criminal defense attorney could argue that they are attempting to collect on a stale casino marker. This defense strategy has proven successful multiple times. If a casino is coming after you for a stale marker, call the Potter Law Offices.

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