Solid Criminal Defense

Police often act as though they are entitled to a conviction following an arrest, but the truth is that many times police officers conduct arrests that are clearly in violation of constitutional rights for suspects who arrested on borderline charges. At Potter Law we understand this situation, and see the predicament for our clients far too often. Many defendants feel powerless to do anything about a criminal charge of any type, but the truth is that the power ultimately belongs to the defendant. All they truly need is solid representation from a criminal defense attorney who understands how to present an effective defense to any criminal charge.

A typical defendant will make little progress attempting to negotiate a plea agreement with a prosecutor personally. Prosecutors are not obligated to respect the legal rights of an arrested suspect. That responsibility rests on the defendant and who they choose as their legal counsel when facing criminal charges. That is why who is chosen for a criminal defense attorney is so important.

An aggressive professional legal counsel will investigate any criminal case personally and question the validity of all evidence the state is using in the prosecution. Of special note is the testimony of police officers. Defendants will never be able to cross examine an arresting officer effectively, but that is not the case with an experienced attorney who is also an officer of the court. Discounting testimony or even taking a case to trial can only be accomplished with a tried and true attorney with a solid track record of winning results for their clients.

Never let an overzealous officer or prosecutor force charges that could be effectively dismissed by an experienced criminal defense attorney. The legal professionals at Potter Law understand exactly how to approach borderline evidence in any criminal matter and prepare a sound defense to the claim, often even when the charges are valid. Charge reduction could be a result of any potential criminal case, and having a detailed criminal defense attorney representing your case can make a major difference in the final outcome of prosecution.