Potter Legal Defenders: Fight Solicitation Charges, Las Vegas

One of the hidden dangers of Las Vegas, a town famous for its myriad spectacles, is the assumption that prostitution is either a legal activity or that there is no penalty for seeking the services of a prostitute. These misconceptions can easily lead to criminal charges. In the second case, the act of seeking the services of a prostitute is called solicitation. In Nevada, this is categorically defined as an attempted crime.

Being charged with solicitation can be a stressful experience due to the many uncertainties surrounding the event that was seen by officers as an attempt to engage in criminal activity. No exchange actually took place. The law does not read into the context of the verbal exchange that led to the arrest. The uncertainties of the event, which never even happened, are compounded by the dread of facing these potentially embarrassing and damaging charges.

One of the mistakes that we at Potter Law have seen over the years is people who just accept the charge and do not fight it. This is a mistake because it is admitting guilt. Although you may be able to forget about it for a while, it will come up again on your record and can cause damage to your future prospects, whether career or personal.

The value of an experienced Potter defense lawyer is in the nuances of crafting a compelling legal defense that takes your specific case and tailors a defense designed to invoke reasonable doubt. Although there are many viable defense strategies, they might include:

  • Unclear circumstances surrounding the alleged “offer”
  • Plausible entrapment by the officers
  • Lack of clear evidence as required by Nevada law.

In addition to these defense strategies, Potter law can help you refine your case for defense according to the specific information that you bring to your free case evaluation.

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