Solicitation Defense in Las Vegas

Las Vegas: Solicitation and Legal Defense

In the state of Nevada, solicitation is the attempted crime of seeking to employ the services of a prostitute. As an attempted crime, it carries a certain amount of ambiguity when presented to a court. Because there is no actual criminal action that took place, defense attorneys can call into question the validity of the charge with a high rate of success. Nevada is a unique state in certain respects, and its reputation gives rise to misconceptions about the charge of solicitation. First, being charged with the crime does not mean that the case will continue through to a conclusion. In fact, many solicitation charges are upheld simply because the accused does not fight back. The worst action that you could take when charged with solicitation in Nevada is to do nothing.

Solicitation can be challenged on multiple grounds because:

  • It is difficult for the prosecutor to overcome the reasonable doubt clause because no event actually took place.
  • Entrapment is frequently used and exposing it can lead to the charges being dropped.
  • Solicitation rarely provides hard evidence that an actual crime took place.

Sometimes people just accept the charge without fighting it because of the associations invoked by this term or because of the embarrassment one might feel by being charged with solicitation. This is a mistake; we take the productive approach of viewing this charge exclusively in legal terms.

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