Smoking Alcohol? What Impact Will this Have?

“Smoking” Alcohol a Growing Trend Among Young People

It seems that teens are always looking for new ways to abuse alcohol. One of the latest involves using a bicycle pump to “smoke” it rather than drinking it. It’s a practice that has a lot of doctors concerned due to the potential for some severe health consequences.

The way it works is that alcohol is poured into a bottle and then corked shut. The needle of a bicycle pump is then inserted through the cork, and then the pump is used to push air through the bottle. This results in the alcohol turning into a vapor, which is then inhaled by the user.

The practice is popular for a number of reasons, one of which involves weight loss. Teens who are worried about the empty calories alcohol contains prefer this practice, as it allows them to enjoy the effects of liquor, while keeping their caloric intake relatively low. Those who are not concerned with weight loss may smoke alcohol to prevent the smell on their breath, or because it is new and exciting.

Doctors claim that people who smoke alcohol are more likely to develop alcohol poisoning, since they are not inclined to vomit. It’s also difficult for people to determine exactly how much alcohol they are consuming, since the amount left after it has vaporized remains in the bottle. They also caution that the vapor is harmful for the lungs and nasal passages, since alcohol in the lungs could turn back to liquid form, which is something that is associated with drowning.

There may be interesting ways this practice will affect DUI cases as normally measurements are done by breath and the vapor method may give falsely high readings when pertaining to BAC levels.  If you have a case pending involving alcohol charges, it is always best to discuss the details with an attorney in Las Vegas