Should I Accept a Plea or Fight?

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

Finding a Litigator Who Knows When to Hold Them and How to Fold Them

Achieving the right outcome is vital in any case, but in complicated charges such as drug possession and trafficking, embezzlement, DUI/DWI accidents, assault, robbery and casino fraud, you need a skilled trial attorney. If you have been charged with several felonies, it can be devastating, and if you choose an attorney who is unfamiliar with complicated cases, it could get worse. The best thing to do is to obtain a competent and experienced trial lawyer, like Cal Potter, to secure your rights.

Mr. Potter is equipped with the seasoned characteristics of a successful trial lawyer. Cal Potter has been building his practice and law firm in Las Vegas for over 35 years. He has received highest ratings from his peers and holds a high score on AV ratings. Mr. Potter has argued in front of the Supreme Court and in other trials, won motions to suppress the Federal court. Mr. Potter has an excellent reputation for litigation in Nevada, which precedes him into surrounding states as well.

One of his greatest strengths in litigation is the art of civility. By its nature, litigation involves argument, but an effective litigator is able to use persuasion as a powerful tool in swaying a decision. Civility is the high road that Mr. Potter uses before the judge to keep the balance in his favor. There is a time for short, loud arguments, but not often, and Mr. Potter stays very aware of the few times he can use that approach. He has been successful because of his ability to fight for his clients with determination, respect, intelligence and grace.

Mr. Potter has a dedicated staff that is as committed to the legal process, and because they are not a large firm, they stay well-focused, which is a tremendous benefit for the clients. . Cal Potter is an expert litigator who achieves justice for his clients.