Shoplifting or More? Las Vegas Charges

shoplifter at workIs it Just Shoplifting or is it More?

Whenever a crime is committed, there are different levels of penalties that coincide with the severity of the crime. Every year millions of dollars worth of merchandise is taken from retail stores in the Las Vegas area by shoplifting (NRS 205.220 and NRS 205.240). If you are going to steal or shoplift, it is advisable not to take a weapon with you because then the weapon then turns the crime the shoplifting charge into armed shoplifting.

Shoplifting in Walmart

Last Friday, an armed man was caught shoplifting at Walmart by a security officer. The man was accused of shoplifting by the security guard when he then revealed that he had a gun and ran off reported Metro police spokeswoman. He had the items in a bag, which he took with him, but police believe that they were low dollar items. Several people inside said they recognized the man, but they didn’t have any more information.

Law enforcement in Nevada takes shoplifting very seriously because it is the citizens who lose when the prices go up. A shoplifting charge is typically a misdemeanor when the value of the items is less than $650, and if it over $650 it is a felony. If weapons are included or people are injured or killed, then additional charges would be included.

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