Shoplifting is a Serious Larceny

embezzlementNevada Views Shoplifting as Serious Larceny 

Shoplifting may sound like a trivial crime involving someone stealing items in a retail store, and is often referred to as a “five finger discount.” The legal definition of shoplifting in Las Vegas describes a person who intentionally steals store property, and it is taken seriously in Nevada. Larceny is the legal name, and there are two statutes used in the Nevada legal system.

• NRS 205.220 is the statute for “grand larceny,” which means that the thief was arrested with $650 worth or more of property.
• NRS 205.240 is used if the value is under $650 and is called “petty larceny.”

If someone has been charged with a shoplifting offense, in a Nevada store, it is not a light offense. Las Vegas Police prosecute according to the value of the stolen merchandise.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for shoplifting, you need to obtain an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Potter Criminal Defense Lawyers to handle your case. A lawyer who has the knowledge and experience of handling larceny cases has numerous defenses to use in your defense.

Here are several defenses that can be used.

1. The property was not stolen, it was already yours. The most significant argument is that the items in question were already paid for.
2. Mistaken identity. If the lawyer can prove that the storeowner was mistaken on the identification of the shoplifter.
3. The shoplifting conviction in Nevada is reliant on the intention of the individual to permanently steal the items from the establishment. If the attorney can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was going to return them, then the case can be dropped.

If you have been charged with shoplifiting in Las Vegas, give the Potter Criminal Defense lawyers a call today!