Sexual Assault Myths

Debunking Common Sexual Assault Myths

Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes, partly because there are numerous myths associated with it. It’s important to debunk some of these myths so that those who have been victimized by this crime will be willing to seek the relief that’s available to them.

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions is that sexual assault is a crime of passion. Many people believe that sexually-frustrated males are the only ones that perpetrate this crime. It’s also a common misconception that women somehow bring this crime upon themselves by dressing or acting provocatively. The truth is that it is a crime of violence, and a woman’s attitude or dress does not typically play a major role in the commission of rape.

Most victims are attacked by an acquaintance rather than being nabbed by a complete stranger. This can debunk the myth that sexual assaults only occur in seedy locations. Many women have unwittingly let their attacker into their home because they felt safe, only to find themselves being raped shortly thereafter. Sexual assault does not have to be between casual acquaintances, as husbands can also be found guilty of raping their wives whenever the element of consent is not present.

When being attacked, women should use their own judgment as to whether or not they should resist. At any rate, it’s important to contact the authorities as soon as possible so that any evidence that’s left behind can be preserved. By doing so, the odds are much higher that the perpetrator will eventually be caught and then brought to justice.