Sex Trade in Vegas? Summit Held to Deal with Growing Issue

Since Las Vegas is a primary city involved in sex trafficking, a summit was recently held here. This summit was held for the purpose of garnering support for legislation that would help prevent this crime from happening. It was attended by over 200 people including several lawmakers, faith leaders, and law enforcement officials.

Held at the UNLV auditorium, this seminar focused a great deal on girls who were forced into prostitution, often before their 18th birthday. Speakers here tried to paint a picture of how young girls are lured into the sex industry as well as the demands placed on them by their pimps. This was done in an effort to help visualize these young ladies as victims.

Women are often used for sex trafficking as a result of gang activity. They can also become involved whenever their parents turn them over to pimps in order to provide money for the household.

When juveniles are discovered working in the sex trade, police have no other alternative than to arrest them. In 2012, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department uncovered 107 juveniles who were involved in the sex trade. These child victims were from a number of areas, with the majority of them originating in Nevada. Out of those arrested, 104 were girls and only three were boys.

Sex trafficking continues to be a problem in Nevada, especially here in Las Vegas. Those who have been charged with a sex crime may want to consider speaking with a criminal defense attorney rather than trying to represent themselves.