Sex Crimes in Las Vegas

Sex Crimes and Offender Registry in Nevada: What you need to Know 

In Nevada, sex crimes are considered “crimes against the person”, and range from sexual assault to statutory sexual seduction. Defined in Section 200 of the Nevada Revised Statute, they can be declared either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on their nature. Either way, the accused faces significant criminal penalties in addition to a negative social stigma that can persist long after a sentence has been served.

Being found guilty of a sex crime in Nevada can require registry with the state’s Sex Offender Database. This registry categorizes offenders based upon the nature of their crime and how likely they are to reoffend. Sex offenders are rated and then placed into different tiers ranging from 0 (least likely to re-offend) to 3 (most likely to re-offend).

Information on Tier 2 and 3 offenders is listed in the Nevada Sex Offender Registry, which is available to the public. Registration can be for anywhere between one year and life, and there can also be stiff penalties for failing to register as well.

Those accused of a Nevada sex crime must fight hard to overcome presumptions of guilt that often arise after an arrest. Seeking help from an attorney is one of the best ways to help get one’s life back on track.