Serious Charges Require an Experienced Lawyer


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Serious Criminal Charges Require a Skilled Defense

Las Vegas is a city that screams extravagance. It is displayed in the casinos, the bars, the celebrities, the shows, the drugs and the alcohol and on the Strip. Ammar Harris faced the death penalty for allegedly shooting at a Maserati from his Range Rover. Three people were killed in a fiery crash on the Las Vegas Strip in February 2013. (200) (204C.130)

Metro Police found that there was no weapon in the Maserati, so no one in that sports car had ever opened fire. The gun shells that were found in Harris’s vehicle and his apartment were the same as those found at the scene. After being shot, the sports car slammed into another vehicle, which killed that driver as well.

This crime could have been gang related (193.168) or drug related (453), but it wasn’t, and in a case like this there could have been additional charges such as Felony DUI or possession of a narcotic (453. Four counts of Capital murder (200.033) are enough to keep him in prison for life.

In serious criminal defense cases like this or one similar, an experienced and skilled defense lawyer is required to present the case in court. Potter Law Firm has been practicing law for over 25 years in Las Vegas, and they have a reputation of success with their clients. There is no charge that is they cannot defend.