Securities Fraud is a Serious Offense

Charges of securities fraud in Nevada come with serious consequences. NRS 90 deals with investment and securities fraud, and it forbids anyone from distributing false information that is designed to induce people to buy or sell stocks.

Infractions under NRS 90 range from a broker putting a client’s funds into a highly risky stock without appropriately disclosing the level of risk to creating a fake account. Brokers who make trades without permission or who engage in unnecessary buying and selling in order to generate extra commissions may also be accused under NRS 90.

Officials in Nevada are cracking down on violations of NRS 90. Consequences can include several years in prison and hefty fines. Moreover, many people who have been convicted or even just accused of breaking NRS 90 may find it difficult to obtain future employment in their chosen field.

That’s why having the right representation matters. If you have been accused of a crime under NRS 90, contact the Potter Criminal Defense team. The professionals at this Las Vegas criminal defense firm have many years of experience, and they’ll see that you get the defense you deserve. Securities fraud cases are always complicated. Defending such a case requires great tenacity, attention to detail and knowledge regarding the subject matter. Let Potter Criminal Defense¬†craft an aggressive defense for you so you can move on with your life and career.