Sealing of Records

Sealing of Records in Las Vegas

The sealing of records is a legal procedure that effectively erasing the footprint of your criminal history. Certain restrictions apply, and not all states have the same rules for sealing a criminal record. If successful, your employment prospects will immediately improve. An employer will be unable to distinguish between an applicant with a sealed criminal record and an applicant with no criminal record at all.

Having a record sealed renders your criminal history invisible to the public. In some states, juveniles enjoy an automatic sealing of their criminal history. This enables them to enter into their adult years without the burden of a criminal record.

Just as the different states have different laws concerning the sealing of records, the specific details of your case may also affect your ability to get your criminal record sealed. The most effective way to navigate these various considerations is to employ the legal services of a skilled and experienced Potter Law Firm attorney.

We serve Las Vegas residents who want to get their criminal records sealed. We can help you regardless of whether the incident occurred when they were a juvenile or as an adult. We can ensure that you have the power of a law firm backing your request, which can assist you in receiving a timely and accurate response.

When you contact our legal professionals, you will receive:

  • An initial evaluation at no charge.
  • Accurate information about the specific Nevada laws on sealing records.
  • Answers to questions about the differences between adult and juvenile criminal records.

There are circumstances where a criminal record cannot be sealed; however, without looking at your specific case, it is impossible to determine whether your record will qualify for sealing. The Potter Law Firm can assist you in accurately determining whether or not you are entitled to have your criminal record sealed. We encourage you to try. If you do succeed, both the criminal charges and the judgment will be completely inaccessible to private, public or government entities.

If you suspect that you may quality for sealing of records, contact the Potter Law Firm. We offer a free case evaluation; it could be your first step to a new life.