Sealing Nevada DUI Records

A DUI conviction can wreak havoc on anyone’s life. A promising future can start to look bleak when it is necessary to serve jail time, pay fines, attend DUI school and contend with all of the limitations imposed by the court.

Some people still may be going through this situation, but for others, these are the events of long ago. When it has been several years since your conviction and you have complied with all terms imposed by the court, you may find that your record continues to haunt you. This may make you wonder if it is possible to hide that DUI on your record.

In Nevada, it is possible to “seal” a DUI conviction in the appropriate circumstances. Having the record sealed means that it will no longer appear in government databases, which means that the public can no longer search for or review it.

Someone who is convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in Nevada must wait seven years before attempting to have their record sealed. This may seem like a long wait, but people who are convicted of felony DUI have an even more uncertain future. People convicted of certain of these offenses may never be eligible for sealing.

The process of sealing a DUI record in Nevada is arduous and time consuming. It involves a great deal of paperwork which must be completed properly. Failure to comply with all of the requirements will mean that the sealing effort will fail. This is why hiring an experienced attorney is critical to the process.

The Las Vegas DUI lawyers at Potter Criminal Law have helped dozens of people seal their records. Find out if your record can be sealed by contacting them today.

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