Sealing Criminal Records in Las Vegas

How to Seal Your Criminal Records

You can seal or remove your criminal records from the public record in Nevada. Once this occurs, previous arrests and convictions will no longer appear on routine background checks. Certain convictions, such as sexual abuse of a child, are not eligible. The length of time that you must wait to make your request for the expungement hearing depends upon the type of crime that you committed. Individuals who want to safeguard their records must follow a strict set of guidelines.

If you believe that you are eligible to have your records sealed, you should contact a defense attorney who has experience with these cases. The attorney can check your record and verify your eligibility with the appropriate Nevada Revised Statute. If you are eligible, the attorney can request a verified copy of your criminal history from the appropriate agency. The attorney will also obtain your conviction and discharge report. Once we receive all supporting documents, we can file a petition with the district court. You will receive a date for your hearing. We will help you prepare your testimony. The judge needs to know why your record should be sealed or removed from the public. This hearing is your only opportunity to have your records sealed.

It’s essential that you have competent legal advice if you want to restrict access to your records.