Robbery or Larceny?

LAS VEGAS - MAY 12 : Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas neon sign with Las Vegas strip road background View of the strip on May 12, 2015

Las Vegas police are on the hunt for a suspect who robbed three local gas stations. The robberies happened in quick succession in the early hours of August 26. In an effort to conceal his identity, the suspect wore a clown mask.

According to Nevada law, robbery occurs when a person deprives someone else of property by force or violence. Persons accused of robbery are typically charged under NRS 200.380. The media reports about the robber in the clown mask don’t provide details about whether or not a weapon was used. If a weapon was involved, the robber might be looking at double the usual two to 15 year prison sentence.

Nevada law does not consider robbery to be the same crime as larceny. That’s because larceny does not involve violence or threats of violence. Accordingly, larceny might involve a crime like pickpocketing, which is governed by NRS 205.270. In cases where the stolen item was worth less than $3,500, the convicted individual may be looking at between one and five years in prison and the possibility of as much as $10,000 in fines.

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