Robbery in a Casino?

casino-marker1Robbery Attempts Not Successful in Casinos

Last month, Las Vegas Sun News reported a suspect in a casino robbery has still not been apprehended. He was caught on video demanding cash from a cashier, armed with a gun on Nov. 26. The cashier had a chance to push the alarm, so he did not get away with any cash, but he was not caught.Nevada does not look kindly on casino robberies or any other type of robbery. The legal definition of robbery in Nevada is the illegal taking of another’s property by use of violence, force, or threat. Threats are considered force if the motive in them is to hurt the victim, the victim’s family or the victim’s property. Robbery is found in NRS 200, and if the robber is arrested with an illegal weapon, more charges may be added.

Last month, another robbery attempt was made at the casinos, only this robber was not so lucky. He was seen by officers walking through the casino with a gym bag where his gun was hidden. When Metro advanced, the suspect went to shoot his gun and was shot by law enforcement first.

Robbery is a category B felony in Nevada. The base sentence is two years, but the judge can add more time to total 2-15 years. If a firearm is used or even carried up to 20 years can be added.

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