Robbery Charges in Las Vegas

Because Nevada law considers robbery to be a violent crime, the penalties for a conviction are particularly severe. If you are being investigated for robbery in Las Vegas, then you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights and your freedom.

NRS 200.380 defines robbery as taking property from someone else through the use of force or violence. The threat of using force or violence is also covered by the law. Accordingly, this is an in-person crime, and is considered more serious than other theft crimes like pickpocketing, which does not involve the use or threat of force. The threat or force can be made against the victim or against their family and friends. Thus, mugging, in which a woman’s purse is forcibly removed from her arm, and demanding to have a man’s wallet under threat that his wife will be stabbed are both considered robbery. Another common example of robbery is threatening a cashier at a grocery store with a gun in order to get the money in the register.

Armed robbery in Nevada is considered a more serious crime than a robbery in which the accused is not carrying a weapon. The law does not require that a gun be brandished or pointed at a victim. If the alleged perpetrator merely shows the victim that they have a gun under their jacket, then they may be facing armed robbery charges in Las Vegas. This will mean much harsher consequences.

People who face robbery charges in Las Vegas may be sentenced to between two and 15 years in a state prison if they are convicted. The prison sentence only gets longer if a deadly weapon is used in connection with a robbery. Judges in these cases are empowered to add between one and 20 years to the overall sentence, though the addition may not exceed the length of the base sentence of two to 15 years.

Working with an experienced robbery attorney in Las Vegas is the best way to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. You need a skilled negotiator who understands criminal law and is dedicated to protecting your rights.