Right to Remain Silent

When You’ve Been Arrested, It’s Always Better to Remain Silent

When you have a competent defense attorney for your criminal case, there is no need for you to talk about your case. Offering information to police or corrections officers usually only makes your case worse. In the busy city of Las Vegas, you stand up for yourself in many areas, but when you have been arrested, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, even if you think you are saying something that helps your case.

Law enforcement takes advantage of this natural tendency when you are pulled over or arrested for criminal behavior. Whatever you say to the police during a crisis moment, will stick with you throughout the entire case and trial, so we recommend that you offer as little information as possible.

For instance, if you had been out drinking and dancing with your friends, and the police pulled you over. It is best that you remain silent until you have spoken with one of our lawyers. A prosecutor will use your statements to make you look guilty.

Potter Law Offices receive calls 24/7, so when faced with the choice to talk to police or not, just keep quiet. If you have been charged with any criminal charges, contact Potter Law Offices. It doesn’t make sense to talk to the police.