Resisting Arrest in Las Vegas

Resisting Arrest Charges Can Mean Big Trouble

Being arrested is an emotional experience. It’s not unusual to feel that you are being wrongfully or unfairly treated. Accordingly, it’s fairly easy to have charges under NRS 199.280 added to your charges.

NRS 199.280 refers to resisting arrest in Nevada. Anyone who interferes with a police officer carrying out their duties may be charged with resisting arrest under NRS 199.280. People who are accused of this crime may attempt to flee or struggle when a cop tries to handcuff them. Other people have attempted to take an officer’s weapon. Still others may verbally abuse a police official. Any of these behaviors may result in charges under NRS 199.280.

You’re under extreme duress if the police are arresting you. Many of your actions may be tied to an instinctive fight or flight response. Moreover, you may have had no intent to resist but felt that you needed to defend yourself. The point is that there are many defenses for the person who has been charged under NRS 199.280. You need to have a criminal defense team like the Potter Law Offices on your side if you hope to fight the charges.

The penalties for violating NRS 199.280 can be severe and may be augmented by penalties for any other crimes you may have been accused of committing. Contact Cal Potter in Las Vegas to craft a legal defense for you.