Reducing Domestic Violence – We Can All Take a Part

Committee looks at ways to Curb Domestic Violence Deaths

Domestic violence-related deaths have increased over the last few years here in Nevada. In an effort to curb that number, several teams have been created to look into ways to reduce those deaths. These teams have made a number of recommendations, which have been forwarded to Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.

One of the recommendations made involves sentencing. The group recommends that prosecutors do not “plead down” domestic violence charges to lesser offenses. According to committee members, that often leads to dangerous conditions for the victims involved, and is not effective at deterring the perpetrator from offending in the future.

Another idea being considered is the prospect of instant protective orders for victims. This option would be available whenever there was an arrest on domestic violence charges. Currently, victims must petition the court through normal channels for a protective order, a process that can take several days or even weeks.

The committee also felt that more needs to be done to help domestic violence victims who have mental illnesses or addiction to drugs or alcohol. Their research concluded that it is more difficult for these individuals to obtain services from domestic violence shelters than members of the general public are. Even so, they tend to be in greater need of shelter than others are.

Nevada’s attorney general will make new recommendations on how to curb domestic violence deaths annually from this point forward.  If you know of anyone who is suffering from domestic violence, please report it and if you have been accused of domestic violence the Potter Criminal Defense team can guard your legal rights here in Las Vegas