Reduce DUI Charges in Las Vegas

Reduce DUI Charges with Potter Law Offices

Driving under the influence is one of the most serious car-related crimes you can face in Las Vegas. With so many bars, restaurants, casinos and clubs located within the city limits, it’s far too easy to stop by for a few drinks after work. Those few drinks lead to a few more, and you might find yourself over the legal limit without even realizing it.

One simple mistake shouldn’t impact your life. That is why we offer:

*A free evaluation of your court case
*Methods that can reduce your charge or eliminate that charge completely
*The ability to defend you in court and work out a plea agreement outside of court

Las Vegas has different levels when it comes to DUI charges. The court can charge you with a more serious charge if your blood alcohol level rises above a certain number or you had a minor child in your car. Even if you did a BAC test on-site after the police pulled you over, we can still work with you.

As soon as you get home, call Potter Law Offices with information about your case. This will help us see the circumstances surrounding that charge, including when the incident occurred, what happened and what charges you face. We believe in working with you to fight back against your DUI charge. Whether we get the charges dismissed, get you into a treatment center or get your charges reduced, we can can ensure that your DUI charge doesn’t ruin your life.