Reckless Driving Defense in Las Vegas

Defending Reckless Driving Charges with Cal Potter

Every time that you slide behind the wheel of your car and ignore the signs posted on the road, you risk facing reckless driving charges in the future. If your driving didn’t lead to any deaths or injuries, you face a misdemeanor charge, which comes with a minimum fine of $250 and a maximum sentence of six months in jail. If the incident led to an injury or death, you face a maximum $5,000 fine and up to six years in prison. Before you decide that you can handle those charges on your own, find out how the Law Office of Cal Potter can help.

The first thing we look at is what happened that led to the charge. You might find that you missed posted signs because of trees and plants in the way, or we might discover that you didn’t know you were in a construction zone because there weren’t any signs on the road. If we can prove that you didn’t knowingly behave in a reckless manner, we can often get the charges dismissed.

Many people face reckless driving charges because of factors outside their control, including dangerous drivers on the road and wild animals running across the street. We will discuss the situation with you and decide why you acted in the way you did. This will help us create the perfect defense for you. If you or a loved one faces a reckless driving misdemeanor or felony crime, don’t hesitate to call our law office.