Protecting Prisoner Rights in Las Vegas

Prisoners’ Rights are Worth Fighting For

Just because someone is serving a Nevada prison term doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have rights. Laws governing Nevada prisoners’ rights cover everything from “cruel and unusual punishment” to neglect, and ensure that those who are behind bars are not unfairly taken advantage of.

Nevada prisoners can have their rights violated in a number of ways, including:

  • Being forced to spend an unusually long time in solitary confinement
  • Being denied medical treatment, visitation, food, or water
  • Suffering from physical or sexual abuse
  • ”Hazing” behavior on the part of prison staff

Prisoners’ rights laws don’t just apply to convicts, as they are extended to people who are awaiting trial as well. In addition to any of the above, prisoners can have their Constitutional rights violated when being booked into a local or county jail if they are:

  • Not read their Miranda warnings
  • Denied counsel
  • Not told of the charges against them
  • Prohibited from confronting their accusers in a court of law
  • Denied access to the evidence against them

Prisoners’ rights violations are tough to fight, which is why it is important to have an attorney who won’t back down. In Vegas, this type of help is available from the Potter Law Office.