Potter Law: Fighting Prostitution Charges in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, criminal charges of engaging in prostitution have caused many people embarrassment to the extent that they are unwilling to hire a professional Potter lawyer to mount an effective defense on their behalf. If this is happening to you or someone you care about, do not make the mistake of going into legal proceedings without legal representation.

There are certain other material reasons why people may be reluctant to hire a criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges. Some of these reasons are:

  • Fear of public humiliation.
  • Intimidation by the arresting officer.
  • Unsure if a lawyer is affordable.

No matter what crime you are charged with, you have the right to a legal defense. At the Potter Law Office, we encourage you to exercise every right that has been granted to you by the legal code. We respect the difficulties that you face, and we have the experience and knowledge necessary to engage with your case in a respectful and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Engaging in prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas, but many of the methods that police use to arrest someone on prostitution charges are equally questionable. The most important advice that we can give you in the initial stages of your case is to assume your own innocence! The court is required to believe you are innocent beyond a reasonable doubt, but that won’t do much good if you are convinced by the police that you are guilty.

There are many ways to get the charges reduced or dropped. There is often insufficient evidence in these cases to get a conviction when the court proceeds to its final, conclusive steps. If you make the mistake of going into this arena without a Potter defense lawyer defending you, there is a chance that you will inadvertently be maneuvered into admitting guilt.

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