Probation Violations in Las Vegas

If you are accused of violating the terms of your probation in Nevada, then you may go to jail. That’s because probation is often ordered by the court instead of a term in jail. Receiving probation is an enormous relief for many defendants, but this “get out of jail” deal comes with many strings attached. One false move could mean being on the hook for much more serious penalties.

Non-violent and first-time offenders are often given a sentence of probation in lieu of a jail sentence. Probation can typically last anywhere from three to five years. If the defendant can keep to the terms of their probation throughout that period, then the case will be closed without the defendant having to serve jail time.

People who are accused of certain crimes like murder, kidnapping or sexual assault are unlikely to be offered a chance at probation. However, many other crimes may be eligible, which is why it is particularly crucial to work with a Nevada criminal defense lawyer who understands which crimes are eligible.

Judges have some latitude when it comes to the terms of the defendant’s probation. Nonetheless, some terms are relatively standard. Routine drug testing may be ordered, and the defendant will lose the ability to own weapons. Regular meetings with a probation officer are usually mandated, as is avoiding further entanglements with law enforcement. People who are on probation typically cannot leave the jurisdiction without receiving express permission, and they must agree to any requested searches of their property and person.

Someone who is given probation instead of a jail term receives significant benefits. They maintain a large portion of their freedom. They can continue to live at home and hold down a job. Going to school and maintaining social engagements is also possible. However, this can all disappear in a heartbeat if the terms of their probation are violated in any way.

Someone who is accused of this offense is entitled to a probation revocation hearing. A seasoned Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can present reasonable arguments and evidence that may be able to keep you out of jail. Contact a Nevada probation violation attorney today.