Probation Violations in Las Vegas

Probation Violations in Las Vegas

Many defendants in Nevada who are convicted of a crime are sentenced to serve probation. It’s not unusual for someone serving probation to be accused of violating it. That’s why there’s NRS 176A, which deals with the individual’s right to a probation revocation hearing.

A judge may order probation as a means of rehabilitation. The terms can vary widely. Some people may be required to attend Nevada DUI school or counseling. Others may have to perform community service, pay fines or comply with a restraining order.

Most probation sentences last from three to five years, although some may be shorter. Still, that’s a long time to have to comply with what may be a long list of rules and restrictions. It isn’t difficult to run afoul of one of these requirements over time periods that stretch to a few years.

NRS 176A helps to safeguard the rights of the person on probation by guaranteeing them a hearing if they are accused of violating probation. It’s a little bit like a trial, but no jury is present and a judge makes the final decision as to whether or not probation has been violated.

If you have been accused under NRS 176A, you are entitled to competent legal representation by the Potter Law Offices. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we can help you fight for your rights at your NRS 176A hearing.