Probation Review

Potter Law Firm: Probation Review, Las Vegas

Probation laws in Las Vegas require that you meet all of the conditions without exception. Your ability to do this may determine whether or not you will serve time in prison. Failure to understand and follow the conditions of your probation usually carries stiff penalties. Contacting a Potter Law Firm attorney can help you navigate the probation system successfully and get you back on the road to a normal life.

The problems you face could be caused by a misunderstanding of the terms of the probation, or it may be caused by an outdated knowledge of an older probation law that no longer applies. Knowing the difference can save you precious time and money. At Potter Law Firm, we assist clients who are facing probation and who wish to ensure that it is completed successfully and without incident.

The main goal of a person who is on probation is to ensure that they do not inadvertently violate the conditions of the probation. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Restrictions on interstate travel
  • Drug testing and weapons bans
  • Employment requirements
  • Applicable service fees
  • Regular reports to a probation officer
  • Curfews

Every probation sentence stipulates slightly different requirements. These depend on the details of the case and the opinion of the presiding judge. The terms of the probation must be strictly followed, regardless of whether they are inconvenient or are perceived as unfair. Failure to comply with any of the probationary terms can result in the violation being reported, and your probation may be duly revoked. Misunderstanding the terms of the probation will not be accepted by the court as a legitimate excuse.

With proper legal counsel, you can minimize the risk that you will inadvertently violate any of the conditions of your probation. If you have already violated probation, contact us immediately. The sooner we learn about the circumstances surrounding the violation, as well as the details of your case, the better we will be able to negotiate the system on your behalf. We work to provide top-notch legal services to all of our clients.

We look forward to providing you with a free case evaluation.