Prescription Fraud

cure-1006810_640Doctor shopping and prescription fraud are closely related criminal offenses. Nevada law defines these crimes under NRS 453.391 and 453.381. These statutes make it possible to prosecute doctors and patients. The penalties can be particularly severe, especially because instances of prescription fraud have risen sharply in recent years.

Someone accused of doctor shopping under NRS 453.391 may be visiting several doctors at unrelated medical facilities. This individual may be accused of getting multiple prescriptions for pain medications and having them filled at various pharmacies.

On the other hand, NRS 453.381 prevents doctors from illegally prescribing medications. Health care practitioners are permitted to prescribe medications for legitimate medical purposes. However, some doctors appear to skirt the law by offering prescriptions without conducting medical examinations.

Violations of both NRS 453.391 and NRS 453.381 can lead to serious consequences. These are generally considered felony offenses and may lead to a prison sentence. Moreover, many people who are convicted of these crimes are ordered to serve a term of probation and may have to attend a substance abuse program.

Several defenses to doctor shopping and prescription fraud are available. However, you’ll need a competent Las Vegas prescription fraud attorney working on your case. Contact the attorneys at the Potter Law Offices to learn more.