Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense is a complicated branch of law to be involved with.  Unlike other fields of law, such as personal injury, criminal defense involves an almost infinite series of cause and effect that impacts cases.  Knowing the individual laws pertaining to criminal defense areas such as drug charges, domestic violence, assault and battery, felonies, concealed weapons, prostitution (pandering) and other charges takes years of study and experience.  Since reputations and jail time are often on the line, having a favorable result is critical.  Because this division of law is so personal, it is important to have a criminal defense attorney with a lot of experience and wisdom in upholding your legal rights successfully.

The Potter Law Office are experts in criminal defense matters.  Cal Potter has over 30 years of experience to draw from, but a successful legal defense is a partnership.  To assess and apply law, we must look at your rights, the most important right being that of assumed innocence, and gather the relevant details of your case from you and the legal authorities.  The prosecution has the demand placed upon them of proving beyond a reasonable doubt your guilt in a legal case.

Often evidence obtained in a case is impermissible. It may be obtained:

Illegally (without proper search warrants)
Carelessly (DNA evidence at a crime scene not carefully segmented to prove that the gathered evidence adheres to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard pertaining to the alleged crime committed.
Circumstantially – Correlation does not equal causation.  Just because there is evidence at a crime scene, this does not necessarily imply guilt.  It may only communicate proximity to the alleged crime.


Formulating a game plan to successfully defend a client takes great skill.  It involves knowing the rights of the accused, and applying a sound and cogent legal defense.  We apply the code of law in your case to defend your legal rights.  We communicate the arguments to the judge in the most efficacious manner available to help you get the “innocent” verdict or reduced sentence you desire.  Don’t settle for substandard legal representation in your criminal defense matter!

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