Possession of a Stolen Car In Nevada

carWhile most people understand that stealing cars is illegal, fewer people are aware of NRS 205.273, which deals with possession of a stolen car. If you’ve been accused of violating NRS 205.273, then it’s vital that you immediately contact the Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices. They have the experience and legal knowledge that are necessary to defend you.

NRS 205.273 has two components. The first concerns simply having a stolen car in your possession. If you knew or should have known that the vehicle was stolen, then you may be charged. The other component relates to attempting to pass title on a vehicle that’s known to be stolen or that you reasonably should have known was stolen.

The most common defense against charges under this law relates to ignorance. Essentially, if you genuinely didn’t know or didn’t have reason to suspect that the vehicle was stolen, then you cannot be guilty of a crime. For instance, perhaps your friend offers to loan you his “new car” for the day. You think he’s being generous, and you proceed to perform your daily errands in the car. However, your day is rudely interrupted when the police pull you over and accuse you of stealing that car.

You may be facing stiff penalties if you’re convicted under this law. That’s why you need the competent, aggressive criminal defense team at the Potter Law Offices on your side. They’ll fight for you even if it means going to trial.