Possession and Concealing of Firearms

Potter Attorney at Law: Firearm Possession in Las Vegas

Being accused of firearm possession in Las Vegas requires the immediate assistance of an aggressive defense attorney. At Potter Law, we believe in providing the best representation for all of our clients who are charged with a crime in Las Vegas.

Just because you are accused of a crime or are arrested does not automatically mean that you are guilty. It is important that you consult us as soon as possible so that you will not accidentally undermine your own rights during the legal process.

There are some significant differences in the specific legal issues pertaining to the various areas in and around Las Vegas. This is especially true in law that concerns possession of firearms. Your best defense is to have the knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at Potter Law fight on behalf of your protected rights.

The reason that we can help you launch an effective defense is because we have extensive knowledge concerning:

  • The rights protected by the 2nd amendment of the Constitution
  • Rights of the accused during an arrest
  • Legal strategies to reduce charges

Each case is unique and requires a customized strategy in order to get the results in the courtroom. Many of the cheaper law firms will employ a one-size-fits-all approach to legal defense, especially in the cases of firearms, which are relatively common cases in Las Vegas. This is a mistake; do not compromise on the quality of your representation in a court of law simply to save a few dollars. The consequences could be much more expensive in the long run.

We can best work on your behalf when you contact us as soon as the arrest has taken place. It is important to always invoke your Miranda rights and secure legal counsel as soon as possible. We are here to defend your due process: Contact us today.