Plea Negotiations are Common in Clark County When Charged with a Criminal Offense

Plea negotiations are the most common solution to criminal charges committed in Las Vegas. A plea negotiation can be referred to as “working out a deal” or “pleading to lesser charges,” and the legal definition is not far from these.

Legally, a plea simply involves negotiations between the defendant and the prosecutor. They cannot be carried on by the defendant; there must be legal representation present. A high-quality, criminal defense lawyer will undoubtedly bring the best results for their client. Potter Law Firm always has their client’s best interest in mind.

Legal sources report that approximately 1 in 50 or two percent of all criminal cases actually go to trial, so it is advisable to obtain an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible to discuss a satisfactory plea bargain.

Reasons for Plea Negotiations

The most significant reason for plea negotiations is the high volume of criminal cases that go through the Las Vegas Justice Courts. There are simply too many for all to be seen by a judge, and if even half of the present cases scheduled to be heard in court, the system would come to a standstill.

The second most common reason for plea bargains is that trials can be uncertain. Neither side can predict the outcome. The defendant wants all the charges dropped, and the prosecutor wants 100 percent conviction on all charges. At the root of every plea negotiation is compromise – both sides give a part of what they want, so at the end, both sides will have reached an end that they can live with.