Pimps Now the Target From Vegas Police

Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas. While brothels can legally operate in some parts of Nevada, state law prohibits them in counties that have a population over 400,000. Since Clark County has nearly two million residents, it is ineligible to have legalized prostitution.

Although brothels can’t legally exist here, it’s common knowledge that prostitution is abundant in Vegas. In the past, sting operations were commonly held in an effort to catch hookers, but these days, the Las Vegas Metropolitan police department is trying another approach: targeting pimps instead.

Local police feel that if they can get pimps off the street, prostitution will decrease as a result. Since most hookers are under the control of a pimp, they will not be deterred by an arrest. Detectives have come to realize that many prostitutes do not have any control over their behavior. This is because they are too intimidated by what might happen if they fail to comply with their pimp’s orders.

A new task force has been developed to investigate crimes of pimping. This task force was developed partly because there has been an increase in pimp violence over the past few years. The increased violence saw several prostitutes coming to the Las Vegas police department for help, which was something that had previously been unheard of.

It will be some time before we know if police efforts will pay off. Those who are accused of prostitution or pimping could do well to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney.