Perjury Charges in Las Vegas

The Truth is, Perjury Charges are a Complicated Matter

The integrity of our legal system depends on people being honest in court. The Nevada Legislature recognizes this, and has enacted strong perjury laws, which are spelled out in Chapter 199 of the Nevada Revised Statute, recognizing them as “crimes against public justice.”

To be guilty of perjury, the state must show that an individual made a statement that he or she knew was not true, or encourages another person to make an unqualified statement. To “swear or affirm willfully and falsely” in a material matter is also considered to be perjury under Nevada law.

Crime victims sometimes fight hard for perjury charges to be brought after there is an acquittal in a particular case. For some, the idea of an accused person walking free is too much to bear, even if that person is indeed innocent. Many times, they take the stance that someone committed perjury, and prosecutors may go along with this notion in order to make themselves appear “tough on crime.”

Perjury charges, like any other crime, must be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Here at the Potter Law Firm, we’ll work hard to ensure the burden of proof is right where it belongs-with the state of Nevada.