Peaceful Protest Ends With Arrests for Several Vegas People

Annual Protest ends with Eight Arrests

The annual Sacred Peace Walk began in 2010 by the Nevada Desert Experience, a non-profit group whose mission is to “stop testing, development and use of nuclear and other weapons systems…” The Sacred Peace Walk was held this year on Easter weekend, and resulted in a few arrests outside Creech Air Force Base.

Protestors involved in the march were carrying papers that were symbolically indicting president Obama of war crimes. They also held banners that protested against drone strikes. Even so, it was not the protest itself or the message they spread that got members in the group in trouble. Instead, they were arrested because they blocked traffic into the military installation.

A video on the group’s blog site shows members holding hands in a circle while another protestor walks around them with an airplane labeled with the word “drone” on it. As the man circled them, members fell to the ground, lying on their backs in the middle of the street outside the Air Force Base. While they lay on the pavement, another protestors proceeded to outline their bodies with chalk.

In all, five men and three women were arrested and booked into the local jail. They were released that same afternoon and then continued with the peace march. After that, the group continued on to the Nevada National Security Site in Mercury, which was their final destination on the journey.

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