Passing Bad Checks Is a Crime in Nevada

Everyone occasionally miscalculates the balance in their bank account. This can mean bouncing a check or two. However, the only consequences are typically returned check fees. Nonetheless, the story may be different for people who are accused of passing bad checks under NRS 205.130.

In these cases, the prosecution must show that the defendant willfully wrote a check that they knew they did not have sufficient funds to cover. The check may be written to obtain cash, products, services, the use of property or a casino marker.

Regardless, the consequences can be very serious for the person accused of passing bad checks in Las Vegas. A seasoned Nevada criminal defense attorney like the lawyers at the Potter Law Offices can propose several defense strategies. They may argue that you had sufficient funds in your account at the time you wrote the check or that you paid the money owed within five days.

Alternatively, your defense lawyer may argue that an illness or other emergency prevented you from dealing with the bounced check in a timely manner. Contact the Las Vegas bad check attorneys at the Potter Law Offices to learn more. If convicted, you may have to make restitution to the victim, spend up to one year in jail and pay substantial fines.

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