Potter Law in Las Vegas: Defending Against Pandering Charges:

In Las Vegas, indeed in most of Nevada, pandering is considered a criminal activity. The legal definition of pandering refers to the person who makes arrangements for others to engage in prostitution activities. Colloquially, they are usually called pimps or madames.

The Nevada pandering laws also include several types of activities that can qualify for criminal charges, including making arrangements for prostitution to happen or to either use threat of force or coercion to make a person agree to marriage or other sexual acts. Even people who are engaging in the transportation of individuals for purposes of prostitution can be charged with pandering. There are pandering laws which prohibit any form of coercion used against a spouse to get them to participate as an employee of a brothel.

The penalties for pandering can be expensive and damaging to long-term employment prospects. The classic defense for pandering charges often revolves around the lack of evidence. There are many ways that reasonable doubt can be formed around the case, but none of this will do any good if you are not working in conjunction with a competent legal advisor.

At the Potter Law Office, we know that the first line of defense is to get as much useful information from you as possible. We offer a free case evaluation in order to encourage anyone who is charged with pandering in Las Vegas to speak with us about the details of your case. Together, we can launch an effective defense to fight the pandering charges brought against you.

Common defense strategies to fight pandering charges may include:

  • Questionable circumstances during the arrest
  • Misunderstanding of events
  • Monetary exchange unrelated to events

With an effective defense, you may be able to get the charges against you dropped. We encourage you to fight against the possibility of a conviction. Call us to arrange a free case evaluation.