Palms Resorts Supplying Prostitutes?

Palms Resort Accused of Providing Drugs and  Prostitutes

The Palms Resort here in Las Vegas was recently fined one million dollars for allegedly supplying drugs and prostitutes to undercover agents. In an investigation that began last year, employees of the casino were caught supplying prostitutes and drugs such as Ecstasy and Percocet at three of the nightclubs located there.

In all, around a dozen sting operations were conducted between March and May 2012. Undercover agents racked up 17 different counts against the casino, which were detailed in a complaint that was filed against the hotel on January 11, 2013 by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. This agency is also responsible for approving the amount of the fine and may also impose other sanctions against the casino if it deems necessary.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is responsible for overseeing gambling operations throughout the state of Nevada. So far, the only action resulting from the offenses by Palms casino has been the monetary fine, as no arrests have yet been made. It is not clear how many employees of the resort were involved in the operation or what department they may have been working in.

As a result of this hefty fine, Palms claims that it has revamped some internal policies in order to avoid future instances of corruption from occurring. One of the changes involves mandatory drug testing for all employees. Alex Acuna, the official spokesperson for the casino also claimed that there had been changes made to the company’s security department but declined to elaborate as to what those changes entailed.

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