Operation Pure Luck in Las Vegas

Operation Pure Luck is a collaboration between local and federal law enforcement officials. It began several years ago in an effort to curtail crimes by motorcycle gangs. This operation has recently led to the indictment of 32 people in the Las Vegas area on a variety of charges that were mostly related to drugs and illegal firearms.

The operation was initiated by undercover Las Vegas police officers who were investigating a series of high-profile crimes by gangs such as the Hell’s Angels and Mongols. This soon led to other federal agencies becoming involved, as the scope of the crimes being investigated expanded. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms became key players into the extensive operation.

In making the arrests, officers were also able to confiscate 7.5 pounds of methamphetamine, 2,000 prescription pills that were illegally obtained, 161 grams of cocaine, 43 unauthorized weapons and cash in the amount of $8,100.

Although the initial investigation started with members of the Mongols and Hell’s Angels, there were actually several different motorcycle gangs represented in the massive arrest. Among them included the Bandidos, Green Machine, Wicked Riderz, Chosen Few and Vagos.

The arrests were announced at a recent press conference here in Las Vegas. Operation Pure Luck has also resulted in other criminal investigations being conducted in six other states.