Open Carry Rules in Nevada

Tough cowboy aiming two guns on white backgroundNevada Citizens Increasingly Exercising their Right to Openly Carry 

Nevada is an open carry state, which means no permit is needed in order for citizens to openly carry guns on their persons. Many people are unaware of this fact, but that could be changing thanks to a growing number of Nevada citizens who are electing to exercise their right to bear arms freely.

Dave Stilwell, a Las Vegas truck driver began openly carrying a few years back, at which time he estimated that “90 out of 100 people didn’t think it was legal.” Since that time, he’s openly visited casinos, nightclubs and other area businesses with his .45 caliber pistol plainly attached to his hip. This has sparked quite a few conversations, resulting in Stilwell being able to educate a good number of people on Nevada’s open carry law.

Ordinary citizens aren’t the only ones being educated. Las Vegas police officers are now required to take training on how to handle citizens who openly carry. This requirement is in response to an incident that happened in 2010 in which police unlawfully detained an individual, simply because he was exercising his Second Amendment rights.

More people than ever are concerned about self protection, which had led to a spike in gun sales over the past few years. Others are becoming fearful of a tyrannical government, and want to ensure they are able to defend themselves from bureaucratic overreach, which is something our Founding Fathers considered carefully when drafting the Constitution. As such, we are likely to see even more people exercising their Second Amendment rights in the near future.