Number of Men vs Women Doing Crimes – Specific Case Needing Help

The Majority of The Majority of Crime is Perpetrated by Men, but Women do get Involved.

Though statistics report that more crimes are committed by men, women are still involved. On December 12, the Metro Police sent out a report that they are searching for three to four women who have attacked and robbed people across the Valley. This falls into the category of NRS 200, which states that a Nevada assault crime committed with out the use of a deadly weapon is a misdemeanor and the judge has the option to issue six months of jail and/or a $1,000 fine for a penalty. He can also impose community service instead of jail time, but the punishment also relates to the amount of money taken.

The Profiles of the Suspects in this Case

Two of the suspects were caught in pictures, but all of them are described as black women, and police estimate that they are approximately 18-25 years old, weighing between 100 to 110 pounds and are between 5 foot 3 inches and 5 foot 6 inches tall.

All the suspects have brown hair except for one girl who has orange hair said the police. Metro is still looking for these girls, and they must know they are being watched because there have been no more assaults since the beginning of December.

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