New Scam in Las Vegas to be Aware of

Robbers Posing as Energy Workers Threaten Local Citizens

Nevada Energy is warning consumers in the Las Vegas area about a scam that is currently underway. It seems that two men in the area are posing as company employees in order to gain access to customers’ homes. This is being done in an effort to rob unsuspecting citizens who believe the two are acting in good faith.

The crime spree began after some of the utility company’s official uniforms were reported stolen. The men who are perpetrating the scheme may also be wearing fake identification badges. As such, they have already gained the trust of several local residents who were later taken advantage of by the duo.

Nevada Energy advises that it is not customary for employees to show up at private residences unannounced. House calls are not made at random, but instead must be scheduled by the homeowner in advance. Consumers who receive a visit from someone claiming to be a NV Energy employee should first contact the company to verify this fact before allowing the individual to enter.

In addition, workers may sometimes perform repairs on private property, but do not need to enter a residence in order to do so. These employees sometimes knock on the homeowner’s door to make them aware of this; however, they should not ask to come inside. Those who notice people in a Nevada Energy uniform milling about should also contact the utility company to confirm that the individual is conducting official business. The company’s security department can be reached at 702-402-5007.

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