New Gas Station Crime

New Gas Station Crime is Targeting Women

In a new series of crime, women are being targeted in increasing numbers, even in broad daylight. Thieves known as “sliders” are preying upon women at gas pumps, in the hopes that they will be distracted and allow them to make off with some loot.

The way it works is simple. Would-be thieves observe a woman who is pulling up to a gas pump, and then wait for the opportunity to strike. While she is focused on pumping gas, these individuals will sneak up to the vehicle, open the passenger’s door, and then grab her purse. In fact, women are targeted simply because they tend to leave their purses in the seat of the car while pumping gas. Many times, thieves are so sly at pulling this off that the victim does not even realize she has been robbed until some time later.

In some cases, perpetrators will pull up to an adjacent pump and pretend to be getting gas also. Other times, they will simply appear unexpectedly, “sliding” in underneath cameras and into the front seat of the targeted automobile. Even if they are spotted grabbing their loot, these criminals are long gone by the time police are called to the scene. The fact that cameras often do not catch them in action means that there is usually little evidence as to their identity.

In order to avoid becoming the victim of a slider, women should lock their doors whenever they are pumping gas, even though they are only a few feet away from their vehicle. Rather than paying attention to the gas pump, they should also be constantly looking around in order to spot would-be criminals before they have an opportunity to strike.