Nevada Possession With Intent To Sell Charges

People don’t realize the extent of the consequences that they face for possession with intent to sell in Nevada. They think that because they didn’t actually sell the drugs that they won’t get in trouble. Unfortunately, state law considers all drug crimes serious offenses, and possession with intent to sell is frequently charged as a felony.

Nevada’s possession with intent to sell laws are defined under NRS 453.337 and NRS 453.338. A felony conviction usually means a prison sentence of a few years and sizable fines. Fortunately, it may be possible for a qualified Las Vegas drug crimes lawyer to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor that carries much less severe penalties. In some cases, the attorney is even able to get the charges entirely dismissed. Of course, the outcome is largely determined by the facts of the case and the evidence against the defendant.

Because possession with intent to sell crimes in Nevada are partially based on crimes that have not yet occurred, namely, selling of illegal or controlled substances, one case can look very different from another. Frequently, an innocent person gets caught up in Las Vegas possession with intent to sell charges just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. An experienced Nevada criminal lawyer will know which questions to ask and where to look to find evidence that supports the innocence of their client.

The prosecution must prove two elements in their case in order to prevail in court. First, they must show that the defendant had the drugs either in their immediate possession or that they were keeping the drugs in a location they had access to. The second element, intent to sell, is more difficult to prove, and this is where the prosecution often fails.

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