Nevada Money Laundering Rules

embezzlementThe Dirt on Money Laundering in Nevada

Money laundering is the act of taking money that has been illegally obtained and then “cleaning it up” so that it can be used legally. This crime has long been a problem in Las Vegas, which is why there has been an increased focus on prosecuting offenders in recent years. It is described in Chapter 645 of the Nevada Revised Statute as being a crime of fraud or moral turpitude.

When it comes to money laundering, there are basically three phases of this crime, which are:

*Placement or taking of cash derived from an illegal act and then placing it into the financial system
*Layering, or transferring the money in a series of financial transactions designed to disguise its origin
*Integrating, which involves distributing the funds to others involved

To be guilty of money laundering, an individual may be involved in any or all of the above steps. There is no minimum amount of money that must be handled. Attempting to perform money laundering can result in charges being brought as well.

People are often charged with money laundering along with other crimes such as theft or embezzlement. Since multiple charges can be complicating to defend, the services of a defense attorney is vital in these situations.